Connecting your Deskless Workforce, let them the voice and respect they deserve!

SightsApp is a mobile employee engagement platform designed to give employees a voice and bridge the gap between deskless and desk-based employees. We are dedicated to helping organisations improve internal communications and increase employee engagement, productivity and profit.


The Rise of the Deskless Workforce


Did you know that 80% (2.7 billion) of the global workforce are qualified as deskless workers? including them in our internal communications strategy, is essential for employee satisfaction, productivity and retention. As you know, disengaged workers can be a huge barrier to success.

Our Solution

Sights tackled those problems and developed interactive and easy to use platform on the company’s cloud with the relevant elements that will enable any company to easily communicate and engage with their deskless Workers. Sights main solution is a based on a one click group interaction platform (filed patent for approval) that includes: polls, activities, reminders, social media-posts, location alerts, Zoom meetings and more. Sights uniqueness is in our ability to connect between the deskless and deskbound workers using seamless and straightforward operation. Our solution is delivering productivity enhancement by gaining the companies:

1. Control over their data
2. Employee engagement
3. Artificial intelligence Insights
4. Security & Privacy
5. Customer Experience

Just try to imagine a group interaction platform that combines the simplicity of WhatsApp with wide range of functions to support employee engagement. Sights communication platform will make your deskless workers feel as integral to your business as they really are and will turn them to the best brand ambassadors of your company.


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